Allergen and Nutritional Information

The products made here at F.B. Washburn in Brockton, MA do not contain the following allergens: milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, or soy.

While none of the candies made here contain gluten - our candy is made from sugar - we cannot say we are gluten-free unless every ingredient is certified gluten-free. There are some food colorings which may utilize a gluten-containing grain or by-product in the manufacturing process. The amount of gluten would be small in the food coloring, which in turn is a very small amount in our candy, but you need to know it is there. We do not use barley malt, rye, or any grain-based flavoring, so none of the natural or artificial flavors contain gluten.

Some candy mixes may have one or two pieces which are not made here, and the allergen statements can be found on the packaging or you can check the nutritional statements listed below.

The nutritional information sheets require a PDF reader - you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

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