7oz Thin Ribbon Candy
7oz Thin Ribbon Candy
Sevigny's Thin Ribbon Candy is available in a 7oz box (six pieces) or a 9oz box (eight pieces).

7oz Thin Ribbon Candy
Sevigny's Thin Peppermint Ribbon Candy is flavored with 100% natural peppermint flavor. Available in a 4oz box (three pieces).

19oz Old Fashioned Hard Candy
18oz Old Fashioned Filled Candy
Washburn's Old Fashioned Candies are available in two varieties.

The Hard candies are solid, fruit and spice flavored candies. The Hard Candy is available in a 19oz canister.

The Filled candies are a mix of fruit flavors with Raspberry or Chocolate flavor filling.

The Filled Candy is available in an 18oz canister.

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