striped cinnamon balls
Washburn's Striped Cinnamon balls are flavored with 100% natural cassia oil for a delicious cinnamon flavor.

red cinnamon balls
Washburn's Red Cinnamon balls have the same delicious cinnamon flavor as our striped cinnamon balls.

striped clove balls
Washburn's Clove balls have a spicy clove flavor.

striped peppermint balls
Washburn's Peppermint balls are flavored with 100% natural peppermint oil.

Sour balls
Washburn's Sour balls have six flavors: lemon, cherry, orange, lime, grape and pineapple.

Sour Lemon balls
Washburn's Sour Lemon balls are refreshing, with a strong sour lemon flavor.

Dad's Root Beer Barrels
Dad's Root Beer Barrels are an old fashioned treat, individually wrapped with a distinctive root beer flavor.

Beauty Pops
Washburn's Beauty Pops are a family favorite!

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